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The Costs of Neglecting Onboarding

Bringing customers onboard is the most important part of the customer journey.

Yet, despite this being so critical, poor onboarding is the main cause of churn. It’s estimated that more than half of customer churn is related to poor onboarding and poor customer service. In the United States alone, avoidable customer churn is costing businesses over $136 billion a year.
While it’s easy to blame this on poor products, the main reason customers leave your company in the first year is because they never got value from your product in the first place. They fail to launch.

When you don’t fix customer onboarding what is that costing you?

  • You can’t recognize revenue on a timely basis

  • Implementations are long, delayed, and expensive

  • Frustrated customers pause and cancel subscriptions, increasing churn

  • Employees are exhausted with the growing backlog

  • You lose expansion and referral sales

Perhaps your lack of a sophisticated onboarding approach may be causing your organization to bleed money. 

How We Work


New & seasoned CEOs & Customer Success leaders benefit from engaging customer onboarding & enablement expert, Donna Weber, on an ongoing basis with her exclusive Trusted Advisor Services.


We determine your current state by analyzing existing people, processes, & technology.


We partner to orchestrate a strategy & roadmap that works for your customers, products, & teams.


We work alongside to support you & your team to execute the roadmap.


Your Growth Secret

Donna and her team help high growth companies create customers for life. 


Whether you are just getting started, facing a tsunami of new customers & don't know how to scale, are finding your current customers are your only customers this year, and/or are pivoting to a subscription model, Donna can help you onboard, enable, and engage new & existing customers.

When your customers win, your company wins! 
Contact Donna to experience the dramatic growth and improvement our clients have enjoyed.

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What Donna's 
clients say


We needed to "nail the landing" when it came to new customers. Internal teams had an urgent need to move beyond the ad hoc and inconsistent approaches that were slowing us down. As a fast growing company without the resources to tackle these challenges, we reached out to Donna to document our current onboarding process and then build the future optimized onboarding process.


Donna brought tailored expertise, best practices, and valuable resources and templates allowing us to move swiftly. Now that we have a foundation to build from, we are ready to engage new customers in a prescriptive and programmatic process that quickly drives consumption along their journey.

Sam Trachtenberg, Vice President of Operations, Matillion
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