Bulk Book Purchase Options

Purchase bulk copies of Onboarding Matters for your teams, conferences, and book clubs.


When you purchase directly from us, you receive the following volume discounts. Shipping costs will be added. 

11-20 copies: 10%

21-49 copies: 15%

50-200 copies: 25%

201-1000: 35% 


1001+: Contact us directly at
hello [at] donnaweber.com
to talk about your needs

Paperback copies: $17.99 each

Hardcover copies: $25.99 each


Virtual visits for  book clubs and teams

When you purchase 20 or more copies for your group, Donna Weber can Zoom into your meeting for a short chat about customer onboarding. 

Purchase directly from us or from Amazon.

Contact hello [at] donnaweber.com to schedule.