Onboarding Audit

Every day you’re not driving customers to value you are losing revenue, frustrating your teams, and diminishing your reputation.

Whether you have a mature customer onboarding process or are just building onboarding at your company, isn't it time you receive a strategic review of your current approach from customer onboarding expert, Donna Weber? 

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Understanding Your Process Pitfalls
is the Only Way to
Resolve Them


Why it matters

The longer you take to sort out customer onboarding the more money you may be losing every month, not just in customer churn, but in lost customer expansion and referrals


How it works

  • You complete a thorough online onboarding questionnaire 

  • We meet in a working session, up to 90 minutes, to explore areas to improve, and discuss recommendations, best practices, and next steps

  • I provide a short report addressing these key areas: People, Processes, Technology, and Scalability

  • We have a short follow up meeting to review the report and determine next steps

  • Inform the audit with interviews with three recently onboarded customers (optional add-on) 


  • Strategic review of how you currently onboard new customers 

  • Identify people, processes, technology, and scalability challenges and opportunities 

  • Explore immediate options to improve customer onboarding and a roadmap for key areas to address 

  • A short report to guide you on next steps 

What you get


Why Donna Weber

Donna Weber is the world’s leading expert in customer onboarding. For more than two decades, she’s helped high-growth startups and established enterprises transform new customers into loyal champions. 

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