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Trusted Advisor Services

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Donna is your secret weapon
to make you look 
good & deliver results. Fast.


Engage Donna as your Trusted Advisor on an ongoing basis
to work through pressing challenges and opportunities. 

Understanding Your Process Pitfalls
is the Only Way to
Resolve Them


Benefits of Working with Donna as your Trusted Advisor

  • Quickly achieve strategic business outcomes 

  • Have a trusted partner to help you meet short-term and long-term goals 

  • Receive just-in-time guidance to address pressing challenges and opportunities 

  • Gain immediate value 

  • Gain perspective and get accountable 

  • Have a sounding board to work through ideas, gain insights, and make fast decisions 

  • Gain access to exclusive resources and templates 

  • Receive introductions and recommendations for appropriate vendors and experts, as needed 

  • Unlimited access to me by phone and email for document review and guidance throughout our work together


Why it matters

The longer you take to sort out customer onboarding the more money you may be losing every month, not just in customer churn, but in lost customer expansion and referrals


How it works

  • We work together over several sessions which you use as you need to get to the next level

  • Purchase a package of hours to leverage as you like, including quick check ins & longer strategy planning sessions


Why Donna Weber

Donna Weber is the world’s leading expert in customer onboarding. For more than two decades, she’s helped high-growth startups and established enterprises transform new customers into loyal champions. 

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