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Customer Enablement Fast Track

Donna Weber’s proven process will increase product adoption &
scale your Customer Success team. 

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Programs Tailored for Your Business
to Target Your Issues &
Resolve Them Faster


Why it matters

At many companies Customer Success and Onboarding teams roll up their sleeves to enable and educate each account. Unfortunately, this one-to-one approach creates a major predicament. You can’t scale customer facing organizations. 

Customer Success and Onboarding teams should not be the ones delivering product training. When you load them with training responsibilities you need to keep adding new team members every time your customer base grows. As a result, your margins won’t improve no matter how many new accounts you close. Eventually, your leaders will put a stop to hiring new CSMs because it’s just too expensive. 

You need a one-to-many approach to quickly deliver new & existing customers to quick wins, first value, and ongoing adoption. When you leverage customer enablement approaches, you scale through a one-to-many approach, consistent and repeatable content, & role-based enablement. 


How it works

  • Over a 13-week period we move from the current enablement approach to enabling customers at scale 

  • Working together we'll leverage Donna’s six-stage Fast Track framework to design your optimized customer enablement approach

  • You’ll embed Donna’s expertise into your team to create tailored solutions for your company through a working partnership with your team 

  • Donna endeavors to quickly deliver value through an agile and iterative approach 

  • We meet regularly at a cadence appropriate for what we are working on and the pace you choose  

  • Be prepared to provide the dedicated resources needed to do this important work together 

  • For one to three customer personas  

  • Donna takes only a limited number of Fast Tracks at any given time, to ensure she is accessible and available to working with your team 

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What you get

  • Define learning pathways for one to two personas and their jobs to be done

  • A content inventory to leverage and curate existing content, as possible

  • Determine the delivery format: self-paced, instructor led, blended approaches

  • Define subject matter experts to build content

  • Course development templates and style guides

  • An overview of course development best practices

  • The templates, tools, resources, and best practices to quickly deliver impact

  • Introductions to vendors, as appropriate

  • Build, review, edit, and produce initial courses

  • Overview of people, processes, and technology to roll out the coursesd courses

  • Success metrics to track the impact of enablement  

  • Unlimited access to Donna over the period you are working together 

  • A copy of Donna’s book, Onboarding Matters, for Core Team members (located in the United States)

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Enablement Program Options

Do you want to fix your customer enablement problem quickly or slowly? 
Donna offers 45-Day Sprints & 6-Month Comprehensives

45-Day & Onsite Onboarding Sprints 

  • For one customer persona, segment, or approach

  • Donna takes only a limited number of Sprints at any given time, to ensure she is accessible and available to working with your team 

  • Over a 6.5-week period Donna reviews your current enablement process and designs the optimized framework 

6-Month Onboarding Comprehensive  

  • For priority & secondary personas, segments, or touch types 

  • Over six months Donna reviews your current onboarding process and designs the optimized framework for your primary and secondary segments 


Why Donna Weber

Donna Weber is the world’s leading expert in customer onboarding. For more than two decades, she’s helped high-growth startups and established enterprises transform new customers into loyal champions. 

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