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Next Level Coaching

Helping Customer Success, Onboarding, & Enablement Leaders
Reach Their Next Level

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Donna is your secret success weapon to make you look good & deliver results. Fast.


"I needed help understanding the 'higher purpose' in my newly-created leadership role. After wading through online courses and articles, I reached out to Donna Weber and her Next Level Coaching to connect the dots in an unbiased way. Donna listens attentively and frames the problem (and solutions!) in relevant and meaningful ways. With her guidance and coaching, I succeeded in my first year with flying colors. My leadership and the impact I have across the organization are much clearer now. With Donna as my 'secret weapon' I'm invigorated to reach my next level."


~ Customer Education Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, United States


Why it matters

Now is the time to take your career, your team, your company, and your customers to the next level. 


Next Level Coaching is for you whether you are:

  • Looking for your next opportunity

  • Starting a new role and want to quickly prove yourself 

  • In a growth stage and need to reach the next level

  • Maturing current processes

  • Creating new processes 

  • Required to do more with less

  • Moving to digital Customer Success

  • Scaling customer onboarding, success, and enablement

  • Demonstrating your impact on the business bottom line

  • Wanting expert guidance to work through pressing challenges & opportunities

  • Taking Customer Onboarding and Customer Success to the next level

What you get

  • Immediate value to quickly achieve your goals and strategic business outcomes 

  • A trusted partner to help you meet short-term and long-term goals 

  • Just-in-time guidance to address pressing challenges and opportunities 

  • Perspective and accountability 

  • A sounding board to work through ideas, gain insights, and make fast decisions 

  • Access to exclusive resources and templates 

  • Introductions and recommendations for appropriate vendors and experts, as needed 

  • Unlimited access to Donna by phone and email for document review and guidance throughout our work together


How it works

  • We work together over several sessions to get you to the next level

  • You leverage the time together as you like, with quick check ins & longer strategy planning sessions

  • I'm available to assist you throughout the time we work together

  • Options to expand your package at any time 

  • Donna limits the number of coaching participants to ensure you obtain the value you require

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