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Donna Weber's
& Certificate
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If you’re serious about growth,
then it’s time to get serious about
how you onboard your customers.


A successful customer onboarding program
results in more satisfied customers & employees,
higher solution adoption, & increased customer lifetime value.

Are you the leader of a high growth company trying to figure out how to provide a high-quality experience for your new customers that your entire team can get behind?

Are you struggling to figure out how to scale without continuously hiring more people?

Are you seeing margins erode because implementations take too long and customers are churning? 



You know the saying, what got you here won’t get you there.
You need to scale.

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The leading high growth companies know the secret to success.
They have a clearly defined onboarding process that ensures their customers and employees are satisfied, and they have figured out the solution to adoption and increased customer lifetime value.

Donna Weber's Orchestrated Onboarding® Masterclass will show you how to successfully onboard, retain, and grow through the high customer demand you have for your product or platform.


You’ll move from ad hoc to prescriptive customer engagement at the very beginning when it most matters. You’ll break down team silos to provide a cohesive and seamless customer experience.  You’ll reduce the anxiety your team feels, you’ll increase the speed at which customers buy, and how long they stay, all while maximizing the profits your company earns.

When you participate in Donna Weber's
Orchestrated Onboarding Masterclass you'll be able to: 
  • Explain why onboarding is the most important part of the customer journey

  • Deliver value to your customers and your company

  • Create an optimized framework to onboard your customers

  • Break down silos to create a seamless customer experience​

  • Measure your success 

We decreased client onboarding time by 2 weeks per implementation, leading to savings of over $25k/year."

Caleb Zimmerman

Chief Customer Officer, Tevera


The Orchestrated Onboarding Masterclass provides you with an opportunity to get tailored guidance from the world's leading expert in customer onboarding and award-winning author, Donna Weber.


For more than two decades, Donna's helped high-growth startups and established enterprises create customers for life using her Orchestrated Onboarding framework. Now it's time for Donna to guide you and your team to success.

What should you expect from Donna Weber's Orchestrated Onboarding® Masterclass? 

Session 01

In Session One, you’ll learn why onboarding is the most important part of the customer journey, plus:

  • The costs of treating every customer with special care,

  • The six stages of Orchestrated Onboarding: Embark, Handoff, Kickoff, Adopt, Review, & Expand

  • Delivering first value 

Session 02

Session Two details how to quickly drive new customers to value by: 

  • Mapping the first half of your optimized onboarding framework

  • Leveraging success plans to partner with your customers 

  • Listening to customers to innovate 

Session 03

Session Three aids you in transforming your company & your customers' companies by:


  • Mapping the second half of your optimized onboarding framework

  • Measuring the impact

  • Communicating with visuals 

  • Putting your new Orchestrated Onboarding framework into practice

  • Delivering value to customers continuously throughout their journey with your organization  

What Participants Say ...


"We reduce onboarding time by almost 50%.
Several members of our Onboarding team joined Donna's Onboarding Masterclass.
Now we start onboarding during the sales cycle, have smoother handoffs, and use success plans, so customers know what they need to do."

Adi, SVP Customer Success, United States


"Bringing the customer back into customer onboarding is key. We didn't have customers in our picture. Learning with the cohort sparked ideas & helped me us take onboarding to the next level quickly."  

Audrey, Vice President Information Technology,
United States


Building out an onboarding process can be overwhelming. Donna's Orchestrated Onboarding® Masterclass provides guidance on what to prioritize & how to move forward. I especially appreciate the invaluable feedback from Donna and the cohort."

Emily, Implementation Manager, North America 


Anyone developing or optimizing an onboarding motion will find world-class resources in this Masterclass. I loved the opportunity to collaborate with & learn from peers in different companies, countries, & industries."


Judah, Customer Onboarding Manager, North America


Learning the benefits of a robust onboarding program and why it doesn't just focus on teaching users how to use the product is key.
Plus, the feedback directly from Donna to improve our plan is extremely valuable.


Eden, Director of Client Success, United States


Understanding how to frame the onboarding process from a customer's perspective was a critical lightbulb moment. I also learned it's key to get customers to first value & build that into the onboarding & enablement plan.

Onboarding Leader, United States


We had no physical material or consistent approach to customer onboarding. Donna's Orchestrated Onboarding® Masterclass provides ample structure, examples, & the components needed for successful customer onboarding, while enabling each participant to customize the framework for their business & customers.


Lyndsey, Sr Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant,
North America


"I could have discussed different tactics in customer onboarding all day with Donna & my cohort.   Learning about quick wins & how to create an automated customer enablement approach are especially beneficial."


Keegan, Technical Support Engineer, North America


"I know I'm not alone. It helped hearing the challenges from the rest of the group. Donna's Masterclass spurred great discussions amongst our team & gave us a solid framework deliver impact across our customers & company."


Caleb, Director of Experience, North America

When you enroll in Donna Weber's
Orchestrated Onboarding Masterclass, you'll  . . .
  • Come with your current customer onboarding framework. Leave with your optimized framework.

  • Master best practices to create customers for life.

  • Learn with a cohort of peers in an interactive environment.

  • Leverage Donna's latest expertise and guidance.

  • Lifetime access to course resources, plus valuable examples, resources, and templates to quickly drive your impact.

  • Obtain exclusive access to Donna's Orchestrated Onboarding Community to support you throughout your journey.

  • Active participants receive the Orchestrated Onboarding® Masterclass Badge & Certificate of Completion.

  • Receive individual coaching (optional).

  • All sessions are recorded for participants. ​

  • Class size is limited to 10 participants.


The three-week masterclass on Donna Weber's Orchestrated Onboarding framework includes
three 2.5 hour sessions, with options to include 1:1 coaching sessions with Donna Weber.

Donna's award-winning book Onboarding Matters, is the text for her Masterclass.

Join Donna's Next Masterclass

Join the first cohort of 2024,
now delivered over four sessions. 

Wednesdays, from 8 am to 10 am Pacific time

24 January
2 February
21 February
6 March

9 of 10 seats available

Spaces are extremely limited to keep each cohort intimate and interactive.
Starting at $1,650, all prices in USD
Read the Terms and Conditions

Select Your Option
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  • Three-week Masterclass

  • Exclusive templates & resource


Investment: $1,650


  • Three-week Masterclass

  • Exclusive templates & resources

  • 1 private coaching session (value $750)

  • 30 days of email support with Donna Weber 


Investment: $2,250


  • Three week Masterclass

  • Exclusive templates & resources

  • 3 private coaching sessions (value $2,250)

  • 60 days of email support with Donna Weber


Investment: $2,850

Have Questions?


Ask Donna your questions, including:

Want to register more than one member of your team?

Want a Masterclass dedicated for your team?

Interested in discounts for three or more participants from your company?


Email Donna Now 

Remember, spaces are extremely limited to keep each cohort intimate and interactive.

Please Note: Each participant requires a separate purchase and log in. 

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