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Ask the Author Anything

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If your team is reading Onboarding Matters, there is a good chance they have questions.


Donna Weber can answer them.

A popular way to improve results from
your team’s reading experience is to engage Donna and 
Ask the Author Anything


Why it matters

The longer you take to sort out customer onboarding the more money you may be losing every month, not just in customer churn, but in lost customer expansion and referrals


How it works

  • Your team reads Onboarding Matters together, leveraging the team discussion guide

  • Donna learns about your business to tailor the session

  • Bring your most challenging onboarding questions for customer onboarding expert Donna to solve

  • Common questions teams ask Donna include:

    • What's the difference between the handoff and the kickoff? 

    • What's the difference between onboarding and implementation?

    • How can you prove your company’s value to your customers?

    • How can you prove your team's value to your company?

    • How to align your team to roll out Orchestrated Onboarding™? 

Here's what one team shared after their session with Donna

"Donna Weber did an Author Q&A with our Thought Readers community and I was blown away by the value she provided. Not only did she provide exceptional answers to the questions we asked, she was quick to share visuals to support what she was talking about which took the learning experience to a whole new level. You can tell someone is an expert in their field when on the spot, unprepared, they can deliver such incredible value. The Author Q&A leaves you wanting more from Donna because you can instantly see how valuable her expertise is for your organization."

~ Lisa Larter, CEO and Founder of the Lisa Larter Group


What you get

  • A guided team journey for approaching and reading Onboarding Matters

  • Team discussion guide to generate great ideas for your organization 

  • Exclusive resources and templates to leverage right away

  • A 20-minute prep call with Donna to understand your business and the primary objective of your Author the Author Anything session

  • A short, customized preview video from Donna to get your team excited before the discussion

  • A 50-minute Ask the Author Anything session with Donna facilitated over Zoom or Microsoft Teams; includes permission to record the session

  • Optional add-on: Signed copies of book for your team 


Why Donna Weber

Donna Weber is the world’s leading expert in customer onboarding. For more than two decades, she’s helped high-growth startups and established enterprises transform new customers into loyal champions. 

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