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Keynotes & Speaking

Upskill teams, build alignment, and invigorate the organization around a shared vision. 

Include valuable keynotes, knowledge sharing, workshops, and Ask the Author Anything sessions with Donna for upcoming in person and remote summits, roundtables, and ongoing learning.

Donna is an engaging presenter who delivers practical guidance and valuable insights with each audience. 


"Donna's Keynote was the highlight of our team's virtual summit and helped us strategize opportunities to improve.

Hearing from the expert who understands the daily pressures and demands of Customer Success, Education, and Onboarding, our teams felt validated about the importance and challenges of their roles.  

I can't recommend Donna enough for team events and Keynotes."

~ Vice President of Customer Onboarding and Education

Ask Donna

"We were blown away by the value Donna provided. Not only did she provide exceptional answers to the questions we asked, she was quick to share visuals to support what she was talking about which took the learning experience to a whole new level.
You can tell someone is an expert in their field when on the spot, unprepared, they can deliver such incredible value. The Author Q&A leaves you wanting more from Donna because you can instantly see how valuable her expertise is for your organization."

~ Lisa Larter, CEO and Founder of the Lisa Larter Group


Why it matters

Your organization needs to be on board. Customer onboarding matters, more than you may think. The longer you take to sort out customer onboarding the more money you may be losing every month, not just in customer churn, but in lost customer expansion and referrals

How it work

What you get

  • Business overview meeting to gain understanding of your industry, products, teams, and the audience

  • Tailored presentation

  • Brief teaser video to build excitement prior to event

  • Permission to record the session for internal purposes

  • Copy of Onboarding Matters for participants (optional add-on)

  • Add-on interactive workshops are available 


Why Donna Weber

Donna Weber is the world’s leading expert in customer onboarding. For more than two decades, she’s helped high-growth startups and established enterprises transform new customers into loyal champions. 

When customers win
You win

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