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Customer Onboarding Fast Track

Donna Weber’s proven process will help you keep your revenue, reduce your backlog, improve customer & employee satisfaction,
and increase renewals, expansions, & referrals. Guaranteed.

Tailored for Your Business to Target Your Issues
Resolve Them Faster

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Why it matters

The longer you take to sort out customer onboarding the more money you may be losing every month, not just in customer churn, but in lost customer expansion and referrals.


What you get

  • First value opportunities to immediately engage new customers 

  • Cross-functional process with clearly defined roles and responsibilities  

  • Triggers, outcomes, timings, meetings, and collateral for each stage of onboarding  

  • Customer facing assets to engage customers before the deal closes  

  • Overview of people, processes, and technology to roll out the new framework 

  • Success metrics to track the impact of onboarding  

  • The templates, tools, resources, and best practices to quickly deliver impact 

  • Unlimited access to Donna over the period you are working together 

  • A copy of Donna’s book, Onboarding Matters, for Core Team members (located in the United States)


How it works

  • Do you want to fix your customer onboarding problem quickly or slowly? We move from the current onboarding process to engaging customers in a prescriptive and proactive approach to drive loyalty and expansion, in two to four months.

  • Working together we'll leverage Donna’s six-stage Fast Track framework to design your optimized onboarding process

  • You’ll embed Donna’s expertise into your team to create tailored solutions for your company through a working partnership with your cross-functional team 

  • We start with one customer segment, product, or type of touch

  • Donna endeavors to quickly deliver value through an agile and iterative approach 

  • We meet regularly at a cadence appropriate for what we are working on and the pace you choose  

  • Be prepared to provide the dedicated resources needed to do this important work together 

  • For one customer persona, segment, or touch type  

  • Donna takes only a limited number of Fast Tracks at any given time, to ensure she is accessible and available to working with your team 

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Fast Track Options

Optional add-ons can include:

  • Customer interviews

  • Additional customer segments, products, touch types 

  • Vendor review and selection 

  • Go to market plan

  • Job descriptions and interview assistance


What's Next

Schedule time to chat with Donna about how to scale your organization and deliver business results through customer onboarding.

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